What is the difference between the membership levels?

The levels are simply the amount you would like to financially donate to the school.  Each level also comes with its own incentives such as car decals, landyards, and shirts. 

I am not able to VOLUNTEER, why should I join?

Joining the PTO does NOT mean you are joining the board or committing to volunteering. You are simply providing the much needed financial support for the programs and activities that PTO funds.  Your membership fees help support various school programs, educational tools, teacher grants and much more!

What does the PTO do for the school, teachers and parents?

PTO is an organization where parents and teachers come together with a common goal to better the educational experience.  PTO provides financial support that is not covered by school funding, hosts events to enhance the family community, and goes above & beyond to show our support for all the teachers.  Every child benefits from the programs and activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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